Kitchen Extraction: Design & Installation

Ventilation within the commercial or standard kitchen environment is extremely important, not just from a comfort perspective, but also for health and safety.

In order to provide a safe and comfortable working environment, Boatman Mechanical Services ensures the systems installed are tailored to individual operational and design requirements.

The purpose of a kitchen extraction system is to remove heat and grease generated from the cooking equipment beneath it; however it also serves a much wider role.

The use of gas cooking equipment creates carbon monoxide gasses from the combustion process, ware washing equipment and boiling generates steam all of which need to be removed from the working environment.

For the comfort of those working in the kitchen, ventilation needs to be provided to ensure sufficient clean, cool air, furthermore the supply of air must be sufficient for complete combustion of gas burning equipment.

The gasses then generated by the combustion process needs to be effectively removed from the working environment and expelled to a safe exterior location.

Air that is extracted from the kitchen environment needs to be replaced, as a general rule approximately 85% of the total air needed should be provided by mechanical ventilation with the remainder drawn from surrounding areas.